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March 26, 2014

A creative way to get your music in. A great DIY project! image: michelemademe.blogspot

Are you someone who listens to music while they work or cook? Or do you revel in the silence of your surroundings? We all know that music is a magical element. It has the reputation to “soothe the savage beast” as well as be an instant mood uplifter which is why we use musical elements as Feng Shui remedies.

Hanging wind chimes in a home can serve powerful purposes. Who wouldn’t want a melodic chime in their indoor space that they can ring when they feel the urge or an outdoor chime that sings when it picks up a light breeze? For me, it’s a simple element to add to your space that can enhance the Feng Shui energy by many folds.

What got me thinking about music and its healing powers is that I’m going to the Opera! I’m very excited since it will be my first time seeing a performance at the legendary New York Metropolitan. In preparation of the event, I have been playing beautiful music as much as I can, and you guessed it, my mood has been through the roof!

Now that Spring is here and the warmer breezes are on its way, think about how you can incorporate simple musical opportunities in your home such as a wind chime. Here are some fun chimes that I found:

image: liveforthebacon

These don’t “chime” but I had to add them in as they incorporate the concept of Tibetan prayer flags that have their own healing energy. image: fibresauvage

And lastly, here is a magnificent display of what we can do with chimes if we are creative and have the physical space. I can only imagine the beauty of this chime adorned bridge!

Can I be your neighbor please? following images: electrictreehouse

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