Did You Make Space?

April 3, 2014

A space with room to grow. Great Bamboo Wall, Beijing 2002. image: Satoshi Asakawa

Spring Spring Spring!

It’s what we all are waiting for. Even me, who unabashedly admitted earlier this season that weather doesn’t affect me. Well after this endless NYC winter, it’s affecting me!

In Feng Shui, the Spring season signifies New Beginnings. Think of it like a second chance at New Years! Great things can happen this time of year. Our only requirement is to make space. We need to clear out the old to allow for the new to come in. Is there a part of your life that is cluttered and is begging for attention? Where are you making space to allow for new growth and flow in your life?

Using the Feng Shui Bagua and lining the bottom of it to your front door, New Beginnings/Spring is in the left middle area of your space. The color is green, for you guessed it, new growth. The element is wood, which also signifies growth. Use this information to get some chi moving in your home. Clear out 3 things in that area of your home. Then add something that has a green element to it. Instinctively we tend to think of plants, which is great. If you do buy a plant, just make sure the leaves grow upward to signify upward development. If you don’t get a lot of light, you may consider putting something made of wood as, you guessed it, wood is made from things that used to grow! For a seasonal touch, you can also buy fresh flowers and place them in this area.

Simple flowers can enliven a once stagnant corner. image: thenester.com

If plants and flowers are not your thing, think about something else that may signify growth and new beginnings for you. Training for a marathon? Keep your goals written down and keep the records in this area. If this area of your home is dark, think about adding light or a mirror to shake up the energy.

New beginnings can mean different things for each one of us and you may need to experiment to find what works for you. My only caveat in Feng Shui is that whatever you do must, and I mean must, make you smile when you see the changes you made. If not, it’s defeating the purpose. As you move into the weekend, think about how you can create new space for new things in your life. Who knows, our collective efforts may help NYC usher in Spring a little faster. Fingers crossed!

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