Grand, Grand Central

January 8, 2010
A sight I never tire of

Grand Central is one of my favorite places in New York. Whenever I am there I am awed by its beauty. Before I boarded my train to a consultation yesterday, I took a few minutes to take in the beautiful architecture yet another time. I usually stay upstairs and gawk at the gorgeous arched ceilings, amazing windows and all the bustling people who never bump into each other – ever notice that? But this time I decided to venture downstairs. I’m a risk taker.

One of the first things I noticed was that for what is technically a basement, they did a fabulous job Feng Shui-wise, by keeping the Chi, otherwise known as the energy of the space, rising. Business was bustling, tourists were abound and employees were rushing around either keeping the place spotlessly clean or surveying the activities. The second thing I noticed was the beams in the ceiling. Not the best architectural feature in Feng Shui since beams tend to indicate pressure overhead, but look how beautifully it was handled! Strategic (I wonder?) lighting placed between the beams alleviated any potential darkness or pressure. Plus it gives the space a very dramatic effect.

The beams seen from afar

A closeup of the lit up beams

Being a foodie, I also love the fact that the historic Oyster Bar is found in the dreamy alcove. Do you know about the secret corners in front of the Oyster Bar where if your friend is whispering in one arched corner, you can hear them from the other corner quite loudly? It’s so amazing and quite magical.

Whispering sweet nothings

After I wrote this blog, a friend actually told me that there is a Chinese restaurant on the lower level called what else, but Feng Shui! Now if that is not synchronicity, I don’t know what is. The icing on the cake would be for the Chinese food at Feng Shui to be really good. Keep your fingers crossed.

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