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June 1, 2010
Fun paintings by Sophie Blackall
I stumbled across this delicate artwork this weekend on Sophie Blackall’s paintings appeal to my humorous, light side. Definitely something I’d like to see hanging in our apartment. What do you see when you first walk into your home or when you open your eyes in the morning? Does it make you instantly smile and your heart sing? If not, that needs to change and fast! Your Chi is directly affected by your surroundings, hence, Feng Shui. So make sure what surrounds you is beautiful in your eyes and makes you indescribably happy.
The best part about Sophie’s work is that most of them are illustrations interpreting posts from craigslist’s “missed connections” section. You can spy on some of the star-crossed lovers declarations below the art. How romantic! Definitely art that can be hung in your Relationship/Love section of your home!

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