Creating an Altar to Invite Abundance

November 26, 2014

Make your altar a hommage to yourself and what is important to you. image: dharma dude

Let the countdown to stretchy waistbands begin!

In most of the Western Hemisphere, we’re only a couple of days away from an afternoon (or two) of food comas, football and naps galore.

Thanksgiving inspires us to be grateful for the abundance that we sometimes take for granted yet permeates our everyday lives.  

People often associate the word Abundance with money, but there are so many other aspects to its meaning.

Abundance can show its beautiful face in so many ways –  the supportive hand of a loved one, that extra hour in bed on the weekends or the amazing feeling that “things just can’t get any better than this.”

If this all sounds like it’s out of reach right now, don’t be too hard on yourself.

One powerful way to fire up the abundance part of your life is to create an altar. While an altar may have religious undertones, it doesn’t have to be that way.

For me, an altar represents a space that is dedicated to an intention, filled with important, symbolic objects that act as reminders. A sacred space for personal goals.

Altars can be created for just about any reason:  Giving thanks, inviting spiritual wisdom, and creative inspiration, or a deeper connection with self. The important thing is your intention while creating your altar.

While you are the only one who can decide on what will move you to create an altar and what to place on it, here are some tips on how to start creating your own personal altar:

1. Investigate why you want to create an altar. This will give you an idea of what types of colors, images or symbols to look out for. It will also help you to set your intention while you are building your special space.

2. Choose objects with intention. Make sure that every single piece is sacred. If you can’t find the element that feels right, wait until you do. Be selective.

3. Choose images that mean something to you. Whether it’s a photo of a loved one (hommage), an iconic figure (inspirational), or a guiding light such as the Dalai Lama, choose images that evoke positive emotions such as happiness and hope.

4. Use your sacred space regularly. Choose a time each day or each week when you sit in your space and allow it to embrace you. There is no better way to strengthen your intentions than to quiet the mind and remind yourself of what is important to you.

5. Maintain your altar. Remember your space has been created with great care and intention. To attain long-lasting results, maintenance is key. Never allow your altar to become a key holder or dust collector. Such things could block it from sharing all of its awesomeness with you.

Challenge: Use the Thanksgiving holiday to start thinking about what kind of altar you would like to create for yourself.

What would you like to work on or progress with?

What images will remind you of these goals?

Where do you see yourself creating this altar?

Writing down your thoughts to some of these simple questions will get you well on your way to building your very own altar. So this year why not think about creating a sacred altar space that will bear fruit long after the turkey and football have been forgotten.

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