Taking Advantage of the Winter Season

December 3, 2014

Continue reading to discover what winter, water and opportunities have in common. image: celicreative.com

Winter is officially here. During the arctic dip, I have the tendency to want to hibernate and sip hot chocolate near a fireplace, leaving home chores to warmer, springier months. Totally normal.

But there’s a secret I want to share with you.

It is possible to work on Feng Shui home improvement even when it’s cold outside.

The reason is because every season has its advantages.

Feng Shui practitioners honor and incorporate seasons into energetic evaluations. That’s because Feng Shui is all about mimicking the perfection of Nature and what could be more natural than the 4 Seasons?

Here are some ways to take advantage of the gifts that Winter has to offer:

1. Water for Everyone! Every season is represented by an element and Winter’s elemental buddy is water. Water is complex – it can be still, making it a perfect time for reflection on the deepest of levels. It can also be active, making it ideal for bringing in career activities. Place symbols of water throughout your home such as fish, boats or water (images work well too – be creative!) then infuse the objects with the energy that you hope to inspire for these winter months.

2. Placement Is Key. Now you know what water symbolizes, you can get even more specific to get the most bang for your buck. Placing water elements like a water fountain in your Career and Opportunities will help activate opportunities coming into your life.


Align this with the door to the room to find your Career and Opportunities area. Image: Feng Shui Creative

3. Time to feel Blue. Colors related to winter, career and water in Feng Shui are dark blue and black – kinda like what it looks outside these days, eh? Incorporate these colors into your decor with accent pillows or accessories to help tap into the powerful energy of water.

4. Expansion and Growth. Because our focus is on water, it is also the perfect time to embrace the possibility of fluidity and change. Each time you look at your Feng Shui water element, let it remind you to be flexible and go with the flow. Recognize that you are capable of shifting shapes and directions.

5. Grow and Expand while being Still. Purposeful stillness can be intense and scary but there’s no better way to really know yourself than to just sit and listen. It’s in those small, sometimes frightening moments that you really allow yourself to open up and hear what you truly need. Read about meditation as a way to stillness.

So here’s my challenge for you this season:

Sit in silence with cell phones and tvs off. Think about what you want your future path to look like. What does your career look like a year from now? Are there new opportunities on your horizon? Write them down and let it sit with you. Reflect. And then reflect some more.

Repeat the process anytime you like. Remember, without water, life stops. Keep energy and chi flowing by keeping the water flowing!



  • Maria Moreno says:

    Beautiful article Susan. Congratulations! Thank you for the sharing the knowledge will pass it along to friends.. specially my friends that are architects… Hugs and keep flowing with success and happiness!

    • Susan says:

      Thanks Maria! I love sharing what I can and am happy to know that it is helpful. If there is any topic you would like me to write about, please feel free to ask. Hugs to you as well!

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