A Simple Spring Makeover

April 8, 2015

Geez Spring, took your time, huh?

It’s finally here and it’s time to take action, to take advantage of the “new beginning” energy of Spring!

Clearing out that “stuff” that clogs your external and internal world will allow fresher and better things into your life. And who doesn’t want that?

Watch my video below for two easy tips to get you on your way to creating a harmonious, Feng Shui happy environment, both inside and out!

Looking forward to hearing what actions you are taking toward your Spring Makeover!

PS: I’m aware of my slight wardrobe malfunction but I heard my Grouchy Gremlin and posted the video anyway because nobody is perfect!! Take that Gremlin!

Spring Makeover from Susan Chan – Feng Shui Creative on Vimeo.


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