2013 – The Year of Compassion

December 31, 2012

Fill in the blanks. Or not. photo: www.accomplishhealthandwellness.com

I had a really nice year. I took the time to express gratitude for my life as it was, not what I wished it to be. I was thankful for my work and the people who I had the fortune to be surrounded by. I took stock in what I already had, worked on being present (read: not worrying about the past or being anxious about what tomorrow held). I pretty much stopped to smell the roses. A huge feat in New York City.

Of course I had resolutions set up for 2012. What better time than Jan 1st to wipe the slate clean and start anew? But what was different about this past year was I was gentle with myself. I regularly express genuine compassion for friends, family and clients. It comes naturally to me. What I realized though was that compassion was not being directed inward. Is it the native New Yorkness in me? The need to achieve and not accept any excuses? To keep up with not only the Joneses but now the Kardashians (ack!) That’s a tall order. And I was not having it anymore.

It took a whole year to come to this realization and then to accept it. We can have the knowledge for a long time but not do anything about it. I have a couple of resolutions set up for this year for sure. I’ll try my darndest to stick to them but not beat myself up if I slip up every now and again. I plan on continuing on expanding my self-compassion and play more Scrabble. That’s what my 2013 is looking like so far. How about you?


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