Prepping for the Snake

February 5, 2013

The snake – a beautiful and amazing creature. image:

I’m super excited, the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake is quickly approaching. Chinese New Year this year falls on Feb 10th and lasts for 15 days. Many families like my own have dinner together on the eve of the 15th, then officially “open” the new year on 16th, continuing the festivities with friends and family for the two weeks following. As always, we need to prepare for the wonderful things the year will be bringing in for us. The preparation usually starts with thoroughly cleaning the house, something we would normally do anyway. The thing I would advise though is to go one extra step and clean those spots that you normally would not – behind the fridge, the junk closet and that dusty ole top shelf. Do all this with the intention that you are “clearing the old energy of this past year” and “making space for the expansive year ahead.” And smile, clean with a smile knowing that it’s going to be a good year.

In the Western world, snakes are not usually seen in a good light. They are slithering, sneaky and dangerous. Or at least that’s the rep we give them. But in fact, snakes are beautiful, wise and intelligent creatures. They are super sensitive yet strong. Change your perspective of this little guy and put into action 3 things for this coming Year of the Snake:

Nurture Yourself. It’s a year to pay attention to the important things in your life. Think about your finances. If you need to build your nest egg, think of constructive ways to do it. If you have a healthy nest egg, be conservative on how you use it and how you invest. As for relationships, pay attention to the words you use (beware of the snake’s sharp tongue!) and think before speaking. There may be fluctuations this year so being in the best physical shape possible will also help. Eat well, exercise often and show gratitude for what you already have.

Strike a Balance. This Snake Year may have its up and downs and sneak in a few surprises. In order to ride the wave, have some things in your life that can help you stay balanced. Always wanted to start a meditation practice? Now is the time. If you are a naturally passionate person, think of alternative ways to express your ideas that will keep your energy conserved and not allow you to burn out.

Carry a Monkey. Not literally of course. I know this sounds strange, but if you think about it, these animals are symbolic for the real animal kingdom. The monkey is the snake’s best buddy. They get along really well and when the snake is hanging with his best pal, he forgets about those who he’s not so found of. So even if you don’t know what Chinese zodiac animal you are, get a monkey pendant, hang a monkey image in your car, office or home. Make sure it’s a lively monkey who looks joyful! Here is a fun monkey pendant and keychain (happy purple one only) I found that would definitely make me smile.

Wouldn’t this guy keep you smiling all the time? photo:

And lastly, as I always like to tell my clients, heed these directions, but remember to have fun and enjoy the energy of this New Year!


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