Let’s do the Twist

March 4, 2013

Laundry, a nice experience? Never thought I would say that in the same sentence. photos by www.splashlaundry.es unless otherwise noted

Ask anybody who knows me well, laundry has never been a pleasant memory and laundry day was a day that you wanted to be anywhere except around me. Who wants to take the time out their super busy schedule to wash dirty clothes, especially in a city like New York where self serve laundrymats are few and far between? If you are lucky enough to find a place close enough to you (back in the day when I lived in Paris, I actually would have to haul my load on the metro to the closet “laverie.” That’s another story), they are usually dingy and poorly lit; a depressing way to pass 3 hours. And don’t get too absorbed in your book because you need to stay alert so your lovely towels don’t end up half dry and left in a bin when you aren’t looking. (read to the end and see why it relates back to Feng Shui).

Fortunately, those days are over for me and for those of you that still have to schelp to the local laundry mat, I feel your pain. But take a look at some great lavomatique ideas that may be coming to you hopefully sooner than later!

The entryway to your laundry haven, Splash. Too bad this one is in Spain.

Clean and cheerier than the typical laundrymat

If you are over doing your laundry, work late and live in NYC, here’s another cool option. Drop off your laundry at 11pm to a locker and get it back nice and clean the next day from the same locker! That’s right, no more taking days off to pick up your laundry or interrupting your weekend brunch to trek to “Laundry R Us”. I think this is an awesome idea and I hope it spreads to different cities so you all can have laundry nirvana like I do.

Dashlocker has similar colors and layout as Splash in Spain. Coincidence? I think not. photo and below: dashlocker.com

So how does laundry tie into Feng Shui? I tie everything to Feng Shui because Feng Shui is everywhere whether we realize it or not. Does a space (like a laundry mat) feel icky to you? There will be Feng Shui reasons why this is that you can see clearly or may be hidden yet still present. Adding the color orange to these spaces made them happier and can make an annoying activity more enjoyable. It’s not a coincidence that the color orange symbolizes fun and radiates warmth and energy. It is also known to stimulate activity (so maybe you’ll get in and out faster), encourage socialization (meet a new chess buddy!) and stimulate appetite. Ok that one is not the best so bring a snack.

So the next time something is off, think of it in terms of Feng Shui. Are the colors right for the space? Is the flow easy and productive? How does it make you feel? And if you need help figuring it out, give me a holler. I’ve freed up tons of time now I don’t have to shlep to the laundrymat.

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