Creating Space

February 13, 2013

Quiet time, hopefully. photo:

When people think of space in terms of Feng Shui, naturally one thinks of the immediate physical space. Living room, bedroom, office. Not often do we think about the space that encompasses the personal space between individuals, the air space, the energy space. Let me elaborate.

I try to get to the sauna a few times a week (read: gym). The idea of a quiet and relaxing heated sauna motivates me to get moving early in the morning. But often times, as life in a cramped city would have it, people have other ideas. I have shared the sauna with individuals who talk on their cell phones, play video games, sing and read aloud. After the initial surprise and gentle prodding to respect a mutual common space, I often laugh to myself at how we easily forget about other’s personal space. We sometimes get so lost in our own worlds that we forget who and what is immediately surrounding us. In consquence, we forget how we impact the others around us.

At the same spa (read: gym), I witnessed a woman emerge from the showers fully dressed. When I say fully dressed, I mean completely clothed, shoes and all. Again, after the initial surprise, I guessed that it is probably her culture or religion that encourages her modesty. I marvelled at her dexterity and efficiency of getting showered and dressed in a small (and wet) public space. I was impressed as she drew no attention to herself, gathered her things and quietly walked away. I respected that she was different than myself yet didn’t impose anything on me and felt comfortable enough in her space to be able to go about her life in her own way.

Think there’s only one way to take a shower? Think again. photo: greenupgrader

Pay attention to how you go about your day today. Are you only thinking about your space, your stuff and where you are going? Try to expand your vision by taking a moment and looking around. Are you contributing to someone’s personal space or they on yours? How close is the person standing next to you? Can you do something or stop doing something that would fit the situation better? Or at least keep your boundaries and not get aggravated? Many people believe that we need to take breaks to sit somewhere and meditate for at least 20 minutes to create personal space. Although nice, it’s not always possible. Make it more accessible by just paying attention to your surroundings and being more conscious. If you practice it daily, it will become automatic. You’ll notice that you’ll smile more and others will smile back at you. And what’s better than bringing that energy back to, your personal space.

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