A birthday wish for you

June 4, 2011

Don’t just count your year, make your years count – Ernest Meyers

Well folks, today I’m turning a new page. It’s my birthday and it’s a big birthday. As we get older, especially women, we are taught to lie about our age for fear of others perceiving our youthfulness slipping by. When did that happen? Aren’t we supposed to get better in years? Gain wisdom and experience as each year passes? Ok I may no longer be a spring chicken but I’m so grateful for what I have – my health, my family, my wonderful new hubby <3, a home, my friends, my wonderful Feng Shui practice and most of all, the perspective to be able to appreciate them all. That’s what Feng Shui is about, surrounding yourself with the things you love that make you feel good and shedding what doesn’t. Then absorbing all the good energy so that it makes your chi stronger.

My gift to you today is to remind you to look around and remember what to be grateful for. To look at every wrinkle and laugh line and appreciate them knowing that they were acquired because you are better and stronger than you were last year!

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