The Reason You’re Feeling “Off”

July 16, 2014
Sometimes it's necessary to be here but don't stay too long. image: fierceinthecity

Sometimes it’s necessary to be here but don’t stay too long. image: fierceinthecity

Keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. That’s been my mantra this past week and let me tell you, it’s hasn’t been working. I’ve had projects to complete, calls to make, places to be but I realized that the more I kept myself in action, the less I was getting done. I kept trying to tackle things on my to-do list and was experiencing paralyzing resistance, hitting walls at each turn.

Frustration was setting in. It was getting serious.

After terrorizing a few of those close to me (you know who you are), I sat down to think about what was going on and why I was feeling so “off.” The Super moon last week may have added to the drama but I knew there was more.

What was going on? I had a plan of what I needed to do but couldn’t get started. I had time in my schedule but ended the day not having completed what was important. And then it hit me. My self-care routine had broken down. To add more time in my schedule (or so I thought), I skipped yoga, shrugged off meditation and mindlessly devoured “fast” foods. When a self-care routine breaks down, the rest of your world starts slowly and quietly unraveling.

When self-care rituals don’t exist or start breaking down, you feel more tired, isolated and disconnected. Bad moods set in for no reason. Arguments ensue. You forget appointments and where you left your keys. Clutter piles up. When that connection to yourself is gone, disconnection to everything is inevitable. Adding back a self-care routine is vital and fortunately, easy enough to do.

Here are some self-care tips to start making today:

  • Agua por favor – Drink 3x more water than you are drinking now because you know you are dehydrated
  • Work those lungs – If you live alone, as soon as you wake up, scream out loud how you want your day to make you feel – happy, relaxed, supported. If you live with someone or have close quarter neighbors, you can also whisper them with conviction! In Feng Shui, your level of joy is connected to your lungs so take a deep breath and let it out!
  • Be your own cheerleader – Before you go to bed, write a happy message to yourself on a post-it note and stick it on your front door. You just made yourself smile before you leave your home the following day
  • Eat something unprocessed and/or uncooked during the day. Whole, simple foods will make your body feel like a million bucks
  • Get moving – Because physical activity resets EVERYTHING
  • Make your bed – You won’t believe the effects this small gesture will have on your bedroom and life. If you don’t believe me, download my ebook for Feng Shui Tips for a Sexy and Harmonious Bedroom.

Start integrating some of these self-care tips today to get back on track. Take that small first step and start humming at a higher, more beautiful vibration and watch your connections instantly re-appear.

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