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January 29, 2010

Sorry, you need to read my post to understand what this means

I admit to digesting my share of reality TV. As I am a foodie, I watch a lot of cooking shows (Ace of Cakes anyone?) but one really guilty pleasure of mine is Kitchen Nightmares with the scary but effective Gordon Ramsay. I would never think that I would be mentioning the obscenity blurting Ramsay in my Feng Shui blog. But here I am. I have mentioned before that if you look hard enough, you can find Feng Shui in almost everything, didn’t I? So if you can get past his vulgar expletives, Ramsay and his team create magical restaurant transformations that border on Feng Shui processes. They shift morale, change the door of opportunities, and change the interior decor so that places are transformed from drab, unsuccessful greasy spoons to sparkling and inviting eateries. All which have resulted in wonderful success stories.

Just yesterday, the owner of Peter’s Restaurant on Long Island mentioned (bear with me, I am paraphrasing from memory) that flow and success start in the kitchen. If the kitchen is happy and flowing, that trickles throughout the restaurant. Sounds like good Feng Shui to me, doesn’t it?

One important thing that our English friend Gordon does so well is update and improve a restaurant’s exterior, specifically the restaurant’s outdoor sign. That is SO important! What do customers see first when they drive, walk or pass your establishment? Yup, your sign. Or lack thereof. Or lack of an enticing sign. It’s all about curb appeal. First impressions. The reason opportunity will be knocking on your door. Make sense?
Take a look at Fenwick’s sign before Gordon’s magical wand transformed it:
Big difference from the first sign you saw eh? So if you own a business, are trying to sell a house or apartment, or just looking for more opportunities, make sure that your curb appeal has aesthetic appeal. People want to find you so help them do just that.

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