What’s on the outside DOES count

November 7, 2013

The true colors of Ralph Lauren. photos: feng shui creative

I’m a sucker for packaging. For example, I don’t really wear fragrance because I can’t find a scent in a bottle I really like. Does a product’s packaging really make that much of a difference?

In Feng Shui – YES, especially when it comes to the facade of your home or business. Too often, I work with clients who don’t have working doorbells, are missing addresses on their house and/or door, or whose front door is almost completely hidden by bushes or trees. How are opportunities supposed to find you people?!

How many times have you driven or walked up and down a block searching for an address and being so frustrated that you either gave up or arrived completely annoyed? Not the feeling we want when we, or others walk through our front door.

Take these savvy business owners for example.

The happy outside is promising a happy inside. But beware of the sugar crash! You are being warned by the name…

Despite the scaffolding, you would be hard pressed to not find Google. Surprising?

Soul Cycle’s familiar logo visible from whichever direction you are coming from.

Some more eye catching paraphernalia.

Broadway is not the only place you can use bright lights.

Clearly visible and eye catching designs are no-brainers for successful businesses. But now let’s apply it to your home. Take a minute and look outside your door. In Feng Shui we ask, can people and potential opportunities find you easily? Is your address and doorbell visible? Or when explaining how to find your home say, “it’s the house that is next to the rock to the left of the hydrant….” There is an easier way.

Take some tips from these successful businesses today. Put yourself out there. Spruce up the exterior of your space, making it visible and bright. Then, listen for those opportunities who’ll soon be knocking at your door.



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