Waking Up Can Feel So Bad, Yet SO Good

October 14, 2015
Bringing our attention to where it's needed most. image: new awakeningsllc

Bringing your attention to where it’s needed most. image: new awakeningsllc

Mid-Life Crisis.  Healing Crisis.  Sacred Shift.

Call it what you will, but whatever you call it, believe me, it’s powerful, ahem, stuff.

I recently experienced it. Like big time. And I’d like to tell you about it. Don’t worry, it all gets related back to Feng Shui.

But honestly, what in life doesn’t?

As a healer, I am exposed to alot of modalities. As an un-naturally curious being, I also try ALOT of modalities.

I ask alot of deep questions, get my energy needled, prodded, coddled and stirred up. I don’t leave any emotional stone unturned.

But what started as an exercise in vulnerability (read what happened this summer), turned into a different animal.

As I love my work, I do alot of it. One day, my body said, NO MORE. It got me when I wasn’t looking. One day everything was great until it wasn’t. And boy was it not.

I will spare you the details but in summary, I went through my biggest heart and soul wrenching, shattering, cracked-wide open opening that I have experienced to date. It was painful (physically and emotionally), raw, at times ugly and it felt like it would never, ever end.

But guess what?

It did.

From this side, all I can say is that I am not completely back to normal, but that’s the best news.

What has emerged is Truth. Beauty. Courage. Clarity.

Now, how do you ask is this related to Feng Shui?

The season of Autumn is all about Metal. The Metal element symbolizes contraction, retraction, closing up. As our environment is getting colder and darker, it makes sense that we want to retreat and hide. Your inner world ALWAYS reflects your outer world, so it’s completely normal.

To stay in balance, it’s important to continue growing and exploring through all 4 seasons and that’s when we turn to our handy-dandy bagua map to help guide us.

Align the bottom of the bagua to the front door of your bedroom. image: fengshuicreative

Align the bottom of the bagua to the front door of your bedroom. image: fengshuicreative

To help support this process of deep, kick-butt tranformation, activate these three areas of your home and life:

1) Love/Relationships This one is pretty self explanatory. You need love. Not only from others but most importantly from yourself, self love. For at least 9 days, place fresh flowers in the Love Relationship section of your bedroom. Allow the fragrance and beauty of nature to infuse your home, and heart, with love.

2) Self-cultivation/Spirituality – Simple. You need to heighten your awareness to go deeper. Is there something you need to look at in your life that you may be turning a blind eye to? Place a small round mirror in this area of your bedroom. It represents looking inward and getting in touch with your inner self.

3) Benefactors/Helpful People Last but never least, your support. Because this is all powerful, ahem, stuff, and you need support and in a bigger way than you may be used to. You may not even want to ask, but I speak from experience when I say that my support, my community, has been the #1 reason I am still in one piece. How do you receive love from others and from yourself? One mantra I pick up from The Men’s Coach, Michael Hrostoski: “I am enough, I have enough, I do enough.” Yeah, digest that one. Once you do, write it and place it in your Helpful People section of your bedroom and recite at least 9 times each morning or whenever you need for at least 9 days. Ask yourself, where are you receiving support in your life and not just superficial support?

Move into the colder weather with open awareness. Play with your limits to explore deeper, to love, be loved, to be held and supported. Simple but challenging. Actively recruit your support teams and most of all, remember, it’s always darkest before the dawn.

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