Valentine Love

February 9, 2012
Valentine Heart

You can give this to anyone you want

When Valentine’s rolls around, I tend to be surrounded by pessimism. Solitary souls long for a mate, coupled persons tip-toe around dinner plans, flowers and all the Hallmark creations.

Here’s my two cents. Give love. Remember when you were in grade school and you got those “Be My Valentine” cards? Wasn’t that awesome and fun? I thought so too. Good news is that you’re never too old to continue that tradition!

Valentine Card

Get crafty and make Valentine's day fun again. photo:

Make your own cards and give them to random people in your life – your work colleagues, your coffee barista, your mail man/woman. If you’re short on time, just do something nice for someone that day (hint: it can also be yourself). What is important is that you set your intention to bring joy on this sometimes scorned holiday and help shift the energy in yourself and others around you. See their faces light up and believe me, it will warm your heart. Happy pre-Valentine’s day!

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