T’was the Night Before the Rooster….

January 26, 2017

A plucky companion for 2017

Happy CHINESE New Year!

Well, almost.

The Year of the Rooster descends upon us tomorrow – Saturday, January 28th.

I realize that I’m cutting it close on preparations but that’s what happens when you are transitioning from one energetic Monkey to an equally active Rooster – it’s a blur!

With unpredictable world events, the outgoing monkey energy is keeping us on our toes until the last minute.

To help soothe the incoming peckish Rooster, there are some things that you may want pull out of your sleeve this week for a peaceful transition into the new year.

3 Tips for Celebrating and Enjoying the New Year:

1) Get Juicy! The Chinese words for tangerines and oranges translate to luck and wealth. So don’t be caught going empty handed to a family or friend’s house without these juicy treats. Plus when peeled, the citrus smell uplifts chi and can instantly change the chi of the space and the mood!

2) Dine like Kings and Queens – Each new year likes to greeted with a royal treatment. Plan a nice dinner with your close friends and family, dedicating the dinner to the Rooster, asking for smooth relations and prosperous tidings. Eat dishes like long noodles for long life and plump dumplings for wealth since they resemble money bags!

3) Do your part to elevate the energy of the world – This concept is something that I drill into my clients and readers all the time, not just at Chinese New Year – Do at least one good deed a day. It doesn’t matter what your astrology is or what animal you are. When you do good deeds, it helps not only uplift chi within yourself, but also for those around you. It has a ripple effect that goes so far you can’t even imagine. For example, during your morning subway ride, when you encounter someone pleasant or nice (what?!?) it can make your day, right? It’s that simple.

This last tip is especially needed for the year of the Rooster since it’s a clash year of Metal and Fire, bringing much unsettled and inauspicious energy. We sometimes don’t feel that one person can make a difference but you can. Go out and be the change agent today and every day.

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Your turn!

How will you be celebrating the Rooster? How will you remember to do a good deed a day? Share it in the comments below and until then, Happy Rooster New Year!

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