Bed Position is a Thing

April 10, 2020

Click here to watch the video! Bad Sleep = Bad Health = Bad Wealth. Not to alarm you but without enough sleep, our health suffers which in turn affects our ability to work then our ability to create abundance, sigh. When helping my real estate clients find homes to rent or buy,…

Minimalist Interiors

January 30, 2012

Decluttering. Minimal. Those are the buzz word going around these days especially around resolution times. Feng Shui involves placing furniture and personal belongings so that energy or Chi can move freely and optimally. I…

Child’s Play

January 14, 2010

Junior's peaceful sanctuary I ♥ this child's bedroom! Reflex would probably have most people jamming the bed into the little alcove area so that it fits exactly in that space. But I love how they didn't and how it appears spacious due to the design and layout. That feeling of…

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