Simplicity is the Answer

April 11, 2017

Keeping it simple couldn’t be simpler. image: door sixteen

Damn, it’s mid April already.

Have you been feeling that way?

Yup, Spring is here. Everything is sprouting all around us, energizing us and in Feng Shui, it’s the time for New Beginnings.

But do you feel overwhelmed sometimes always feeling like you have to constantly be on point, doing this and that, just trying to keep up?

If you’re getting my drift, I’ve included some SUPER EASY Feng Shui tips to get your New Beginnings section of your life and home energized.

For Spring time, the section of the Bagua is New Beginnings. It’s the area of the Wood element – picture sprouting flowers. Use this bagua to find that section in your bedroom and / or overall home:

Align the bottom of this chart with the door of the room (facing into your room) to find your NEW BEGINNINGS area. Image: Feng Shui Creative

Now do only ONE of the next steps.

And hold on to your hats – I’m going to walk you through in pictures.

Minimal reading, minimal doing.

5 Ways to Activate New Beginnings / Family Section using Feng Shui (you do only ONE):

1 – Add a PLANT

image: modern farmer

2 – Add a LIGHT

image: design sponge


4 – Add a MIRROR

image: west elm

5 – LET GO of 27 things (can be as small as papers or paper clips!)

Andddd…you’re DONE.

If you have any specific questions, reach out to me directly.

Who knows, you may find out in the end that you do more than one. Then one more….

Your turn!

What EASY tip will you do? (easy question)

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