Signs Are Everywhere – Just Look For Them!

November 12, 2014

What’s that leaky faucet trying to tell you? image: apartment therapy

My kitchen faucet broke last week. It just keeled over.

I was grumbling to have to add this task to my eternal to do list until a friend asked me, what does that mean in Feng Shui?

Great question! I sometimes forget that I can Feng Shui my own Feng Shui.

It turned out that my broken faucet was in my Benefactors/Helpful people section of my home.

Hmmm, I wondered what this could mean. I thought that perhaps I should be paying more attention to possible “help” I could welcome into my life. It was true that I had recently been isolating myself in a whirlwind of work.

Then it started.

My coach (yes, I have a coach too!) reached out to me that same day to welcome me into a 10-week amazing program. Gratis.

2 days later, a friend invited me to a 3 day training. 30 lovely hours. All for free.

3 days later, a colleague invites me into a conversation for a business opportunity.

Oh glory day!

I said yes to every opportunity.

Align this with the door to the room to find your Benefactors area. Image: Feng Shui Creative

Align this with the door to the room to find your Benefactors area. Image: Feng Shui Creative

In that moment, I realized what had happened to my faucet. It literally broke because it couldn’t handle all the goodness that was gushing through. By not paying attention to the opportunities around me, my energy was getting all stopped up and was not allowed to flow correctly.

Less than one week from this realization, my world just started swimming with amazing benefactors. Which led to some really powerful insight. Instead of grumbling (a natural human tendency) when something breaks down for you, how can you turn it around and see the opportunity in it?

Think of the Universe like that prankster, who just happens to act like an older sibling. You think they’re out to get you, but you know in your heart-of-hearts they’ve got your back.

The Universe can’t just speak up and tell you to find your way, so it comes up with all these quirky little ways to show you. Your job? Pay attention to the signs.

Sometimes the signs are packaged in bad news or unplanned changes. Sometimes it comes in the quiet moments when you let yourself relax and reflect. What makes it fun is you just never know!

The important lesson is learning to see every experience with a new set of eyes. To see that every situation (good and not-so-good) is there to help you grow or learn. Once you see it for what it is, things like leaky faucets become more of an investigation or a game. Look out Sherlock Holmes! See how that just became awesome?

So where are the leaky faucets in your life? How are they manifesting in your home? Could it be that those tedious to-dos are actually lined with golden opportunities?

You be the judge. Chances are, they just might be.





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