Preparing for the New Year – Part 1

December 13, 2016

Living large with less. image: emilyshouselondon

This time of year, we are all thinking about what’s next for us come January. In Feng Shui, we believe that you can attract in everything you want, but first, you must create the space for these yummy things to come in. Creating space may mean letting go of both material and emotional things that no longer serve you.

Sounds scary I know.

But done in baby steps, it is doable. I promise.

Here are 5 EASY tips for helping you release what you no longer need:

1. Focus your Energy – Choose the one area in your space that is bugging you the most. You don’t even need to know what area of your life it is, (but just in case you do, here is the handy bagua).

Align the bottom of this chart with the door of the room (facing into your room) to find the specific areas of your life. Image: Feng Shui Creative


Committing to working on just that space will bring changes to your life and keeping the area focused and manageable will assure you don’t get overwhelmed. If it’s an emotion you are looking to release, think about just the one emotion – is it anger, sadness or procrastination? Choose one and remember you can work on the others after you are done with the one.

2. Use Sound – Everything is made of energy. Sometimes things are stuck to us energetically and just need a little nudge to help get released. Sound vibration helps break up stuck or stagnant energy. Take a bell, chimes or whatever you have on hand and ring it before you start taking action. Remember, emotions are energy as well. So if you are working on releasing an emotion, before trying to release the emotion, you may want to ring the bell 3 to 9 times before you start.

3. Know it’s not Personal – I know, it’s really hard to get rid of Great Aunt Laura’s quilt. You know, the one you don’t like but feel guilty about tossing. The important thing to remember is that the object is NOT the person. If the object in question was a gift, know that the energy of the object is independent of the energy of the person. The gift of the object was the intention when it was given to you. Then, you can let go with love! Again, if it’s an emotion, this applies as well. Things are not personal. It may feel like it but what you are experiencing is a result of someone else’s energy. Be confident knowing that you are releasing their energy.

4. Give Thanks – Once you decide what you are releasing, spend a moment to give love to what you let go of and show gratitude. Be thankful for the purpose it served and visualize it going to someone who may need it or being energetically recycled into what’s next.

5. Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate – Once you have created the space in your home (and your emotional space), become aware of how you are feeling in your body. Celebrate the fact that you have accomplished these tasks. Now it’s time to get excited for what’s to come next!

Your turn!

What area of your home will you be working on? What do you need support with? If you have followed these steps, how are you feeling?

In the next post in January, we will take a look at how to use intentions and visualization to create what you want in your life. Stay tuned for Part Two to learn more!

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