Pre-Tiger Prep

February 11, 2010
Chinese New Year is 3 days away. Are you ready? photo:

I’ve asked you to organize, clean out closets and drawers and toss out the old to bring in the new. Now that you’ve made some room for good things to come in, start cleaning! Spring clean your house for the big day. A deep cleaning will assure that you start your new year off on a good note. Once you’re done with that, buy some fresh flowers for your home to bring in nature Chi!

Now this is the fun part – 2 to 3 days before the big day (meaning today!), start planning where to have your new year’s dinner. Gather a group of friends and family to either cook your favorite foods or eat at your favorite Chinese restaurant. Tell them you are coming into welcome in the new year with. I’m sure they’ll be impressed!
And if you don’t know your Chinese animal yet, you’ve come to the right place:

Find out more about your animal here. I would love to hear what animal you are so please leave a comment!

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