Paper Trail

January 19, 2010
Let’s face it, our messes can follow us anywhere. On the continued quest for organization before the Chinese New Year arrives on February 14th, I’ve chosen to tackle paperwork today. You know what I am talking about – the stack of newspapers and magazines that need to be recycled or the pile of unpaid bills that need to be reviewed. Paper seems to follow us wherever we go, whether it be at home or the office and even sneaking into our handbags and briefcases. Chances are, it’s in places that you regularly avoid.

It’s time to take charge and get that paperwork under control. In Feng Shui, clutter can both block and drain precious Chi, or energy. When we see the mess we are avoiding, it brings our energy down. Not what we want. So first things first. Sign up for paperless where you can. Do it right now. I mean, after you are done reading my post of course. This will save a ton space, not to mention a gazillion trees will be thanking you. Then deal with the papers already in your possession by setting up a organized paper filing system or a digital one on your computer. Get some ideas here.

Graphic files from the Container Store to get organizationally inspired!

Whatever method you choose to organize your work or home paperwork, the first step is recognizing where it is and then doing something, not matter how small, about it. Create a system you can easily implement so that it can’t happen again. Start today wherever you are right now with a strong Feng Shui intention, see yourself and your space clear and organized. Feel how happy and relaxed you are because you have, once again, made room for great things to enter into your life. And if that doesn’t get you moving, maybe this will. Just kidding.

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