Mirror Mirror on the Wall

February 8, 2017

Mirrors are not just for checking for spinach in your teeth

Chinese Metaphysics is a little like going to the doctor.

You have something that’s bugging you and you go to a professional looking for ways to feel better.

In Feng Shui, mirrors are powerful tools and are used quite often which is why I sometimes joke that you can hang a mirror and call me in the morning.


On a serious note, Feng Shui remedies go much deeper than that – as does medicine – but there are some general rules about using mirrors in Feng Shui that are useful when you are aware of them.

And I’m about to school you.

5 Easy, Peasy ways to use Mirrors in Feng Shui – use the acronym P.E.D.E.L.:

1. Pull in – Sometimes there are sections of a space that is outside of the bagua, or the Feng Shui compass. Depending on the area, you may want to pull that space back into the bagua so that your space feels like a complete, holistic unit. You can do so by putting up a mirror on the wall OPPOSITE that area you would like to pull back in. Think of the mirror’s reflection energetically pulling that area back into the bagua. 

Align the bottom of this chart with the door of the room (facing into your room) to find the specific areas of your life. If something is outside of the bagua, you will need a mirror to pull it back in. Image: Feng Shui Creative

2. Expand – When a space is feeling cramped, too narrow or a wall is too close to the entry way (limiting the opportunities coming through your door), a mirror is a great way to expand the space. If it’s a narrow hallway, place a long, mirror along the wall. If you encounter a wall upon entry, place a mirror in front of you to make sure that you have limitless opportunities!

image: renusoni

3. Double – This one is pretty common sense. Mirrors double whatever is in front of it so make sure that whatever it reflects, is good. So, no dirty laundry reflections please. Aim to reflect something you absolutely love because double happiness is the name of the game.

4. Energize – Mirrors are great for moving stagnant or stuck energy. In Feng Shui, mirrors represent Water, an element that possesses fluid movement as opposed the Earth, which is a more grounded and immobile element. If you have an area in your space that needs some energy moved, hang a mirror so you can literally get that area flowing again.

5. Light up – If you have a corner of a room that is dark but also has a window, put a mirror up opposite the window to reflect sunshine into that dim area. You’d be amazed at how much more energized a room will become with this small addition.

image: decorista

These are just 5 of the many ways you can use mirrors in Feng Shui. To find out how mirrors and other Feng Shui remedies can help you create the most optimal flow in your space, schedule a customized Feng Shui consultation.

Your turn!

Where in your space are you now inspired to hang a mirror? Get that chi flowing people!

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