Happy New Year of the Pig!

February 4, 2019

The Earth Pig has arrived!

It’s a day to kick back and relax if you can, to enjoy time with friends and family.

The Earth Pig is a bit more relaxed that the Earth Dog and because of that, you can finally take your foot off the gas  – whew, right?

Pigs in general are playful and like to celebrate. Be sure to make time in your schedule to do that.

Yin Earth which is the energy of this year is gentle and moderate so it encourages harmony. Be aware of this energy in relation to all your relationships, looking for the high road and mutual agreement.

Creative energy is flowing this year as well so any artistic endeavors you pursue will be supported by this year’s energy. If you have always been thinking of learning a new language, now is a good time.

Finally, it’s a great time to implement steps to improve diet and resolve any lingering health issues. Earth is associated with the stomach and in Feng Shui (and life in general), your health is everything – when you are healthy, you can work, when you can work and take actions to create more abundance in your life.

The Earth Pig this year symbolizes Abundance and Generosity so if you following these tips, that energy will flow more easily your way.

If you want a reading that is more specific to you, schedule one here and use the Year of the Pig to have your best year ever!

Your turn! What’s your plan to welcome in the Earth Pig?

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Remember, Feng Shui is not a luxury, it’s a Necessity 🙂

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