Getting Naked

July 12, 2016


Sitting in a hip outdoor venue, watching a movie under the starry sky with my dear friends, it occurred to me.

We were naked.

But we had our clothes on.

Here we were, rubbing arms with seated strangers in the dark, in silence, anticipating something.

Without knowing it, we were united. Open. Ready to receive.


I know this is an usual concept.

Not usually seen this way, but in the summer, we are naturally peeling off layer after layer.

First the coats, hats and scarves. Then the long shirts and pants in exchange for tees and summer dresses.

On the internal (cause you know I love me some internal introspection), something becomes liberated in us as the temperature rises.

A certain freedom reminiscent of grade school is evoked, usually followed by an internal release and giant sigh.

The recent turn of world events can understandably make us want to turn inward and put up our walls to protect ourselves.

But here is what I am proposing to you.

Get Naked.

Allow yourself to peel away the layers.

Allow yourself to be seen.

Allow yourself to speak your truth and not apologize.

Allow your heart to be free.

Allow yourself to cry in front of others.

Allow yourself to love and be loved.

The season of Summer in Feng Shui is represented by the element of FIRE which represents FAME and REPUTATION, aka putting yourself out there to be seen, heard, known.

Summer also represents the HEART – no coincidence huh?

If you haven’t started getting naked yet, it’s time.

Start by finding a safe environment. Find friends and family who love and support you unconditionally (because they do). And start slowly peeling away.

It is safe.

Allow all of you to be seen, heard and cherished.

Your heart was meant to be free.

You were meant to be free.

Get Naked.

It’s Summertime after all.

Your turn!

How will you get “naked” today? If you have already started, what has it revealed? Share it here!

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  • Rachael Lancaster says:

    I love this idea: being vulnerable and free. Peeling away all the layers to reveal our true selves. x

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