Get Ready for the Fire Rooster

December 23, 2016

Buckle your seat belts. Here we go!

The Red Fire Rooster is marching in on January 28th and is holding its head up high and proud.

Each Chinese New Year is ruled of by an animal that has the ability to catapult you towards abundance and success if you know how to utilize its energy.

Even though Chinese New Year is still a month away, the energy already started to shift in October. You probably already started to feel it without even knowing it’s linked to Chinese astrology.

If you didn’t prepare for 2016’s energetic and exhausting Monkey energy, you probably felt it big time, right? The upcoming year will be just as energetic as the Monkey with some subtle differences due to the specific characteristics of the Fire Rooster.

How does that affect you?

Truly understanding the combination of your Chinese Astrology and how it interacts with the energy of the upcoming year can unleash your true power and potential.

The Universe holds a specific energy for each person every year – find out what energy the Universe is holding for you in 2017!

I am offering very special Chinese Astrology readings by phone, so get ready to start your new year off on the right foot.

Your personalized Chinese Astrology reading will:

  • Reveal your specific “hidden” energy for 2017, allowing you to set the right tone upcoming year
  • Uncover how the energy of the Fire Rooster year will specifically affect your Chinese animal
  • Show you how you can use the year of the Fire Rooster to your advantage
  • Reveal what activities would best suit you this year
  • Help you better understand yourself, your natural tendencies and preferences and learn how to use them to your advantage in personal and professional settings
  • Allow you to better understand your loved ones, their energy and how you can use this information to better interact with them
  • Get answers for up to 5 specific questions

Investment: $150

Purchase an astrology reading as a gift and get $50% off both calls! (2 readings for $250)

BOOK YOUR CALL TODAY and Make The Year of the Fire Rooster the best year possible for you!

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