Double Your Personal Success With Mirrors

November 5, 2014
Adding mirrors can be your secret super power. image: lush home

Adding mirrors can be your secret super power. image: lush home

Here’s the thing you need to know about mirrors.

Mirrors are a BIG DEAL. In Feng Shui, mirrors are what aspirin is to doctors, often used in simple remedies for many things. But it’s much more profound than that.

The mirrors in your home are a mirror of your life.

Look around. How’s your home-sweet-home looking these days?

Chances are, if you’ve been giving your home love and attention, it will deliver the same.

If you’ve taken the time to decorate with your full attention and intention, you probably find that you feel pretty good. Sure there are things that need tending to, but overall life feels just right. Glass half full.

On the other hand, you may find yourself walking into your dark and cluttered space, and that will probably have you feeling a bit anxious or irritable. Having to step over piles of things usually creates that unnecessary feeling of panic. Glass? I don’t even know where the glass is!

The good news is that (drum roll) mirrors are loaded with power!

Mirrors have the ability to energize your space and double the power of intention.

Here are some favorite ways to tap into the magical powers of mirrors:

1. Transform narrow entryways or hallways. Mirrors are the great masters of illusion. To give a space a more expansive feeling (especially if it’s an area that you are working on like career or relationships), find that area that feels a little cramped and hang a mirror in there. You’ll be fooled. But in a good way. When you feel grand, so does your life.

Display your mirrors while having them work for you. image:

2. Lighten dark, stagnant nooks. Have a corner that’s a little on the dark side or feels stagnant? Mirrors symbolize active energy and movement, so bring a mirror in with very specific intentions and watch the light bounce around and lift your spirits. You’ll feel lighter (pun intended) and more energetic in minutes.


Brighten up that gloomy corner. image:

3. Double up on the good stuff. If there’s any part of your life that you really want to focus on and need some extra help getting there, use a mirror. Realizing you need a little more personal growth in your life? Create a tray with plants and books and watch your Self Knowledge sky rocket. (Purchase: Blue Mirrored Glass Trays / West Elm). Using mirrors this way is indeed very simple, but it works.

Double the power with reflective trays. image: west elm

Double the power with reflective trays. image: west elm

4. Water where water is needed. If you discover that you’ve got areas of your home that need movement or energy, put up a mirror. A representation of the element of water, mirrors are a great way to keep things flowing and balance your overall chi. When your chi is in balance, your world will feel exactly as it should be.


Double your water element with a mirror. image:

5. Keep it whole. When hanging up your mirrors, make sure that you hang it up at a level where you can still see your head. That’s practicing safe energy – how would you feel each time you looked at yourself and you didn’t see your head? Also buy mirrors that are clear and undistorted. You want your life and your vision to have the same qualities.

Clear, unfragmented mirrors are best. image:

Clear, unfragmented mirrors are best. image:

Take a little tour of your home and walk through your home with a fresh set of eyes. What areas are in need of a little more light? You know what to do. Grab a mirror and get to hanging.

Need more guidance on where and how? Feel free to contact me for a more personalized look at your space.

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