Days 6 & 7: Shaking it Up

April 28, 2013

The selected winners. photos:

Note: if this is your first time on this site, it is indeed a Feng Shui site. Just covering a cleanse I’m on until May 12th – Spring Cleaning/Feng Shui for the Body.

Quite a shift has happened in the last couple of days. The fogginess has lifted and I am feeling great. I made the realization that I wasn’t eating enough protein in the morning. As much as I love my Glowing Green Smoothies, it wasn’t cutting it protein-wise. I was starting to lose weight which is obvious for a cleanse but as I’m not a very big person to begin with, losing weight is not on my agenda (sorry please don’t be upset as me.) I went over to Whole Foods’ protein powder aisle but I had no idea what I was looking for. Luckily I spied a women heading straight to one brand and throwing it in her cart. “May I ask why you buy that brand?” Response “It’s not for me but my boss and she swears by it.” Ok I was sold. Well at least enough to buy 4 little packs. I tried one yesterday morning and it was, meh. One option on the package suggests to shake the powder vigorously with ice cold water. I did and this is what I got below. Note the mealy pieces sticking to the sides of the glass.

Shake attempt #1. I know, it doesn’t look very appetizing.

It even tasted kinda mealy and powdery. I gave it another shot though. I broke out the big boys (my Vitamixer!), added a cup of almond milk and a couple of cubes of ice for good measure. My result is below.

Attempt #2 – looking and tasting better. It’s also the orginal flavor not chocolate hence the color difference.

This one was much tastier. It actually tasted like a shake. Not a McDonald’s shake but a light and foamy one. Added bonus – I had tons more energy after drinking them. These shakes may save me on this cleanse!

But don’t worry, it hasn’t been just protein shakes and beans. I wouldn’t survive. This week, my friends soft opened their Vietnamese restaurant, Falansai in Bushwick Brooklyn (more on this in a separate post) and was lucky enough to be invited. I did pack nuts just in case but I was able to find something on my approved food list – lamb. And I love lamb. I left out the potatoes (shade veggies are not approved) and accompanied it with a glass of bubbly….seltzer.

I sometimes get eye-rolls if I cheat a bit. What’s the purpose of the cleanse if I cheat right? Having suggested guidelines and paths is great. I say follow the suggestions but always remember to listen to your inner voice to see if it’s working for you. That is the most powerful tool we have in Feng Shui. Making adjustments to the basic Feng Shui recipes for each person so that it works specifically for them.


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