Day 4: Clearing Space

April 25, 2013

My lunch – Cuban black beans with wild rice and steamed broccoli tips. photo:

Note: if this is your first time on this site, it is indeed a Feng Shui site. Just covering a cleanse I’m on until May 12th – Spring Cleaning/Feng Shui for the Body.

Morning routine for day 4 seems to be getting easier. I usually have coffee or green tea with breakfast but it’s currently being replaced by warm water and lemon. I’m really liking it. Follow that with my Green Smoothie and I’m good to go. As I mentioned before, my energy level is still lower than usual but that’s not a bad thing if you know me personally. I can get a scary amount of stuff done in one hour. Now though, during the cleanse, I have what seems like a renewed focus. I haven’t been multi-tasking these past few days because honestly, I can’t. It’s strange and nice at the same time – my brain has begun quieting down, allowing me to focus at the task at hand.

While at the gym doing some cardio, I wasn’t thinking about my to-do list or replaying in my mind conversations I had yesterday. I was really present, listening to my music and enjoying that moment. It was so liberating.

Feng Shui incorporates meditation, intention (your specific goals) and mantras into the work. I usually end my workouts in the sauna, and today a very vivid image came to my mind. I used my intention and imagined the toxins moving effortlessly through my pores. Pretty intense. Not exactly an outer body experience but I used the Feng Shui ritual of releasing what is no longer needed and bringing in love and light. So there I was sweating it out and if you were in the room with me, that’s probably all you saw. But, I was actually able to really use my power of intention to help facilitate the detox process. Very cool.

Releasing toxins can also relate back to Feng Shui and decluttering. When you are smack dab in the middle of clearing, sometimes you can feel overwhelmed and lightheaded. In this instance, I would suggest opening up some windows. Letting fresh air in helps change the qi or energy of the space. See it as the detoxing for your home.

Funnily enough, the highlight of my day was my visit to my local supermarket. The usual uninspired exchange with the cashier is comprised of no eye contact, an almost non-existent acknowledgement of the transaction before I’m rushed along.  But today! The cashier smiled, said hi and was friendly to me! I can’t help to attribute that to my new detox glow.

So besides the post lunch energy dip I’ve been battling, things are going well. The message on my Yoga Tea said, “Empty yourself and let the Universe fill you.” Well said my friends.


  • Jane says:

    I love when my Yogi tea bag is completely appropriate.

    Sauna is such a good way to compliment the cleanse, thanks Susan!

    • admin says:

      Jane, I agree about the Yogi tea! Today mine said, “An attitude of gratitude brings opportunities.” It is what I am practicing!

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