Day 10: Change of Consciousness

May 2, 2013

Believe it or not, this is our body’s artwork. photo:

Note: if this is your first time on this site, it is indeed a Feng Shui site. Just covering a cleanse I’m on until May 12th – Spring Cleaning/Feng Shui for the Body.

Double digits! Surprisingly I’m feeling pretty normal in week two. Now that the difficult detox and release stage from week 1 is over, I am no longer nodding off at 2pm and 9pm. That being said, my food memory is coming back. I am often suddenly imagining the warm gooeyness of an egg and cheese sandwich or the after lunch soy latte, sniff.

Yes friends, it’s been more challenging beginning week 2 but I’m determined to stick it through. I’m getting bored of lentils and kale but I’m taking it as a sign that I need more variety in life and need to challenge myself more. To oppose what I already know and what my body and mind expect. Therefore I have compiled an arsenal of new recipes and routines. I made chocolate ice cream last night and it had an avocado in it. Get that, an avocado! It wasn’t a complete success but it was a good first step in challenging my brain. I also have challenged myself fitness wise, implementing a new vigorous routine at the gym. Not only is is keeping me fit, it’s challenging my normal patterns.

Brain energy patterns. photo:

Our brains are so beautiful I can’t stand it. photo:

We all get used to doing things the same way. It’s easy to fall back into routine habits. Pay attention to what you could improve in your life and vow to make one shift, one small change toward that goal. You know what they say, “No change, no change.” Change your habits, change your brain patterns, change your life. And don’t you want your brain to look like these?

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