Congratulations BTB Class of 2013

May 15, 2013

New generation, new energy. Top from l to r: Rosalie Prinzivalli, Barry Gordon, Chongtul Rinpoche, Steven Post. Bottom l to r: Anjie Cho, Suki Sohn, Diana Mahiques, Dorothee Walliser, Sherri Agnew. photo: Jeremiah Cymerman

Today I attended The BTB Feng Shui™ Masters Training Program‘s graduating class of 2013 project presentations and commencement ceremony.

It took place at the New York Open Center and the graduates delivered thought provoking and well-researched project theses – from the Feng Shui of Paris and Korea to the explanation of how Yantras are created and used. The wealth of knowledge is only one reason why I cherish the Feng Shui education I received in this program. Another important reason is that I have met and am surrounded by so many amazing colleagues, mentors and leaders in the holistic industry.

We were blessed by the presence of Chongtul Rinpoche from the Bon Shen Ling Temple who delivered a heart-warming speech and relating his Bon Tibetan tradition to Feng Shui and our teacher, His Holiness Professor Lin Yun. We were additionally blessed by the attendance of Thomas Amelio, Managing Director and VP of the New York Open Center who, if you never heard him chant, makes you feel, as Chongtul Rinpoche mentioned, as though we were transported to the magic mountaintops of India. Amelio’s chant (hear an example in this video starting at 7:45) cleared and blessed the room and resonated in our bones. A truly exquisite afternoon.

My dear friends and colleagues, the Class of 2013, I am wishing you all the prosperity that life has to offer. May the Universe give back to you the beautiful gifts that you are already giving and continue to give to the Universe.

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