Color, not Retail Therapy

October 24, 2012

Just looking at this photo makes me happy. photo:

It’s a drab grey day in New York City. And it’s drizzling…Yes, it is end of October but we have been having such a wonderful Indian summer this month that I’m sure today has alot of folks hanging their heads down low. Luckily I am not someone who is too affected by weather changes but for those who are, there is hope for you yet.

Take a minute and look down at what you’re wearing. Is it all…black? Did you get up this morning, moan at the weather and pull out your trusty old black sweater without even turning the lights on? If that’s the case, let’s try to change something about that today. Maybe it’s alittle late to change your outfit and I don’t want to encourage excessive spending. So look around you. Is there a flower that you can tuck or pin onto your shirt? Do you have a colorful scarf hidden in your bag that you can throw around your neck? If you’re desperate, you can even take a handful of color rubber bands and wear them around your wrist as a reminder that the sun will indeed come out tomorrow.

She’s rocking the royal blue pouffy. photo:

He’s not too shabby himself. photo:

If none of that is happening for you, try getting some color on the inside today. If you’re like me, this weather makes my body cry out, “mashed potatoes please!” And you’ve guessed it, the same color theory holds for food. We have a tendency to want “cuisine beige” – french fries, chips, anything that is cheesy and starchy, right? That’s an easy enough fix. Just add some color to your meals today. That doesn’t just mean salads. It can be anything red, orange, yellow or green. How about ruby red beets with sliced carrots? Or adding a sprinkling of parsley to your meal? Ok so you brought your lunch today. Mashed potatoes? Then at least make the space where you are sitting colorful and happy. Put your food on the brightest plate possible. Don’t work in front of the computer. Don’t answer phone calls. Face something that is pleasant, like a photo of your family. Eat mindfully, happily, imagining whatever you are eating is transforming into a color spectrum that feeds your temporary grey soul.

Not only does that look good, it’s colorful and nutritious. photo:

There is no coincidence that color therapy exists and that colors are associated with chakras, the bagua and many, many other things. The power of color cannot be discounted. According to Momentum 98:
The eyes convert light (color) into a kind of energy which travels through our nervous system, which can effect all body functions. Studies have shown that when color is introduced to the human system it causes cellular and hormonal changes thus bringing the cells into synchronization or balance with the color. 

Make little changes today. Even if it means going home and laying out your colorful outfit for tomorrow.


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