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September 9, 2015
Do what you love EVERYDAY! photo:

Do what you love EVERYDAY! photo:

Summers are awesome but let me tell you, I’ve been a bit resentful that I have not had the summer that I have wanted.

Most people I know have been going to the beach, traipsing off to awesome vacation destinations or just taking time to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Well, I have been just working.

I don’t mean to sound like a whiner, because I absolutely love what I do so that’s not the problem.

I mean, I get to Feng Shui coach AMAZING women who are single-handedly changing the world. And I get to have some part of that. That’s a big upside.

But the downside has been getting me down lately and just today, I started taking action to change how I’ve been feeling.

Usually I start my day by attacking my To-Do list. Depending on the day, it can go either one of two ways – I can feel accomplished and joyful when things get checked off, or I am slow moving and lacking energy.

Lately it’s been the latter. I realize it’s because I am not asking myself in the morning this one simple question:

What could I be doing right now that would make me happy RIGHT NOW?

It may sound ridiculously, no, absurdly simple, but asking myself that question has changed EVERYTHING.

When we start the day doing what we love, it creates an energy that is not to be rivaled with.

That energy then follows you throughout the day, inspiring you to continue to do things that you love.

For example, the other morning I was faced with my “Should-Do” List. Blah.

I quickly turned my attention to what I REALLY wanted to do which was to string Mala beads (more on that on a later post!).

What I discovered was that I invited in a light giddiness, flow and get this, MORE ENERGY.

When I finally got to my “Should-Do” List, it had been transformed into  a “Happy To-Do” List.

Yup, that simple.

Now – it’s your turn!

What can you do RIGHT NOW that would make you happy? It could be something that takes mere minutes. Make it a priority right now. Do it, recognize that you made that choice, feel into that new energy you created, and go on your merry way.

Below, share your comments and happy actions that you have taken today!

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