Celebration + Free Chinese Astrology Reading

December 23, 2016

Indeed. Your Space is a Metaphor for your Life. Thanks for the reminder Annamarie and Dirk!

Last month, I had the honor to celebrate my website re-branding with a gathering of friends. Silliness and joy abounded – my favorite things.

If you have something you want to create and bring into the world, round up your friends. It makes it alot easier, believe me.

It’s easy to celebrate when fun things are right in front you you – a baby, a bonus, a birthday, etc.

I want to challenge you – how can you celebrate when you are not feeling celebratory or feeling like nobody has your back?

In Feng Shui, energy is EVERYTHING.

If your energy is down, your whole day may feel pretty low. If your energy is excited and joyful, it’s infectious and the connections you have throughout the day will most likely reflect that.

You can instantly change your energy by celebrating something – anything – no matter how small.

You opened your eyes this morning and breathed in your first conscious breath. Celebration.

You turned on your faucet and water streamed out. Celebration.

You received a warm smile from the person on the check out line. Celebration.

That’s the power of Celebration.

We all know one of my favorite things to do is CELEBRATE.

Therefore, to continue the celebration of my rebranding launch online with you, I am raffling off one Chinese Astrology Reading!

Buckle your seat belts. Here we go!

This Chinese New Year on January 28th, we are moving into the Fire Rooster. This year will once again prove to be an energetic year since the Rooster’s energy is active, outspoken and very confident. Ever NOT see or hear a Rooster when one was in the vicinity? Impossible.

In your personal Chinese Astrology reading, you will discover many things about yourself, how you move through the world and what you should be focusing your energy on this year for the best possibility of success and fulfillment.

Sounds amazing, right?

Here’s what you need to do to enter to win your free reading:

1) Subscribe to my monthly newsletter – you’ll get monthly Feng Shui tips plus awesome bedroom tips right away! Sign up here

2) After you sign up or if you are already a devoted Feng Shui Creative reader, send me an email at and tell me:

What do you want the most this year? Why is that important to you?

I will be personally reading through all entries. A winner will be selected on January 2nd, so to find out if it’s you, stay tuned for the results!

Until then, celebrating you, my dear reader and wishing you and yours a happy and healthy holiday!

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