Water in the Wind

January 20, 2010

The first time I saw this photo Chicago’s Aqua Tower designed by Studio Gang Architects, I was impressed. Not to mention that my dream of being Judy Jetson was becoming a reality. From afar, the tower's undulating shape is beautiful to the eye. I've yet to get to Chicago but…

Junk in Your Trunk

January 15, 2010

I wish you were my drawer. Very soon you will be. It's that time of the year coming up....Chinese New Year! This year Chinese New Year falls on February 14th. Don't think of it as messing up Valentine's day but rather look on the bright side - new year, new…

Keys to Success

January 6, 2010

When I saw these keys featured on RealSimple.com, my heart skipped a beat. Created by Stat Key Company, I found these keys to be an ingenious idea. In Feng Shui, the front door of your home or business is the most important aspect of your space. Walking through your front…

My Domain is Your Domain

December 30, 2009

I love how I can find Feng Shui in almost anything. This was the last place I thought I could merge my Feng Shui and design skills. When designing websites for clients, I need to explain the technicalities of domain names, hosting, metatags, etc. So I thought that I would…

A Powerful Office

December 23, 2009

Many of my friends and new people I meet are working from home. The new work from home trend is probably due to the state of the economy but I think it is a blessing in disguise. Many people are taking the time to re-evaluate, go back to the drawing…

Maybe I promised you an Herb Garden

December 19, 2009

As the temperature in NY creeps closer to freezing and darkness falls at 5pm, it’s frighteningly tempting to crawl under the covers and eat microwave popcorn in front of the tube. But of course that doesn’t sound familiar. What I find makes the dreary days of winter more manageable is…

Tip Top Design

December 17, 2009

Call me crazy, but amidst this holiday madness, I have been dedicating my time to networking and attending speaker events on topics that interest me. Maybe that’s my secret way of staying centered. I went to see Jonathan Adler speak at an Apartment Therapy event last night. If you are…

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