The Light in the Darkness

September 17, 2014

Ya got a minute? C'mon, humor me. Take a look around you. Slowly drink it all in. What do you see? Are you happy with what surrounds you? Are you where you want to be?…

Finding the Comfort in Discomfort

September 10, 2014

  Folks, the Summer is coming to an end. The Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere falls on September 23rd and many people find the seasonal shift from warm to cooler weather to be very challenging. Days…

Activating your Career Path

August 27, 2014

There are no jobs out there. Nobody is hiring. The economy is really bad. I feel sorry for recent graduates or anyone looking for a job. I'm lucky to…

AirBnB Feng Shui

August 20, 2014

Your ticket is booked and you're all packed. Last week, we discussed how to incorporate Feng Shui when you're a traveling' fool. Now you're ready to rent your place because your space is awesome, it has kick-butt Feng Shui and…

Treating your Clutter Affliction with Feng Shui

August 6, 2014

Gotta organize. Gotta get rid of stuff. Gotta make the time to clear my pantry, garage, basement, paperwork. Stuff. Things. Clutter. And more clutter.Does this scenario sound familiar to you? I've been working with many clients recently who tell me that…

Jazzing up the Feng Shui Scene

July 23, 2014

Quite often, I get prospects who come to me freaking out about the Feng Shui of their spaces. "Omg, I'm in big trouble. My bedroom is (fill adjective in here), my stuff is (fill your…

Moving into Your New Space

June 18, 2014

The papers are signed, the movers are scheduled and now it's Mama's (or Papa's) Movin' In Day! No need to hyperventilate, the worst is behind you. This is the fun part and it's all about setting your intention and getting close…

Moving out of a Space, Feng Shui Style

June 11, 2014

Congratulations! All that hard work has paid off. You found your new space. Time to create that To-Do List - pack boxes, change your address, order a new sofa. But hold on a sec!…

Finding Your Nest, Feng Shui Style

June 4, 2014

New York is a city of movers and shakers. Especially this time of year. It seems like everyone is either dreaming of moving, actively looking for a new home or just changed residences. That's alot of chi movement. In Feng Shui, the…

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