Baby it’s cold outside!

January 8, 2014

Keeping warm in style. photo:

New York City can be chaotic. It comes with the territory. But taking the subway this morning was…different. It was…quiet. I was surprised too. At daybreak, it had dipped into the low single digits, so those who could stay home, did. Those who had to brave the artic, bundled up in various forms of hats, scarves, down puffies, squishing together in the seats. And then, silence.

Was it the successful heating of their multi-layers combined with the warmth of their neighbor that lulled them into rare MTA tranquility? It was almost like I was in a meditation class. If you think about it, I was. Everyone was of one consciousness – thinking about and feeling the cold. It’s almost as if the frigid temperature was the repeating mantra that allowed New Yorkers’ minds to quiet down today. “Cold, cold, cold, cold…” Even if it was only for a short 20 minute ride, I definitely enjoyed and marveled in the accidental singularity.

It didn’t look like this but sure sounded like it. photo:

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