5 Ways to Welcome in the Earth Dog

February 13, 2018

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

If you didn’t get a chance to start your New Year’s resolutions in January, here’s your second chance!

We will be celebrating the Lunar Chinese New Year – Year of the Earth Dog – on Friday February 16th.

And I’m here to help you prep!

You have 2 full days to prepare for the New Year and you know me, I like to mix the traditional with modern fun – both very powerful!

Here are 5 important ways to welcome in the Earth Dog Year:

1) Clutter No More – I always cater to the busy individual and want you to focus on the ONE place in your space that irks you. Take 27 – 45 minutes (a multiple of 9 is lucky in Feng Shui!) to clear that space. Do it with the intention that you are clearing away anything that is stuck or releasing something you don’t need so you can welcome in the new.

2) Meet Mr. Clean – Always an important way to clear out the old to bring in the new. Start with your windows, as they are the eyes of the adults in your space and you want to see all opportunities your way, right? Just be sure to sweep BEFORE new years, not on new years as it’s believed that if you sweep on new years, you sweep away your good luck. So ix-nay the room-bay on Friday.

3) Ch-ch-ch-ch-ing! – Time to collect or be collected 🙂 Be sure to pay back whatever debts you owe or collect debts owed to you. If you can’t give or gather before Friday, at least come up with a solid plan on how it will be done and STICK TO IT. Money is just energy so you need to finish that old energy to allow new energy to begin!

4) Showcase lucky Red! – In Chinese tradition, red is the color of luck and prosperity. Prepare your home with something red or more specifically Chinese new year decorations like below. You can even wear something red on Friday to be sure to encompass that lucky energy that is coming toward you!

5) Sweeten Up – It’s tradition to place sweet candies and oranges on display to help “sweeten” the incoming year. Dried candies are the tradition but definitely put out what pleases you! I personally love Jolly Ranchers so this is totally up my alley.


Hop on Board – Each year, you want to “hang out” with the animal who is the best friend of the animal year so that the animals favors you. The dog’s BFF is the rabbit so get yourself something symbolic of a bunny! It can be just something printed that you carry in your wallet or it can be something you wear like our Chinese Zodiac Bracelet that we just launched!

Lastly, you are going to be seeing me celebrate alot this year. That’s because this year is a celebration year for me according to Chinese Astrology! So my team and I will be celebrating all year long!! If you’re curious to know what year and energy you’re in for this Dog year, please get in touch to schedule a Chinese Astrology reading!

See you in next month when we get in ready for the Spring (Halleluah!) and start discussing New Beginnings!

Your turn! We want to hear from you! 

How are you planning to celebrate Year of the Dog?

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