Use Feng Shui to Rock Your Fall Season

August 9, 2016


Summertime, and the livin’ is easy…

And it’s on its way out.

(record needle scratch)

Days get shorter and chillier. Motivation lags. Kids need school supplies. Moods become moodier. All makes you want to scream, “under the covers!”

Not to fret. Help is here.

You can avoid getting an unnecessary Summer Hangover.

This exact moment is the perfect time to prepare and set your intention for the impending change of season.

Feng Shui can help you do that.

Being prepared is the secret sauce for any circumstance. When you are prepared and armed with intention, your actions are 100% more powerful.

Currently in the US, we are in the Summer season which in Feng Shui is represented by the FIRE element. Fire is a very yang element – very visible, active, direct, full of vitality. This is why you probably spent the last couple of months outdoors, seeing friends and family, moving non-stop.

As we move into the beginning of the Fall Season or METAL element, there is an immense shift in energy which is also very yang – powerful, direct, precise. But instead of going outward, Metal has a contracting or pulling-in energy. Metal focuses. This explains why we all instinctively want to go inward, reflect, slow down or “contract” in Autumn.

To prepare for an awesome Fall season, use Summer’s lingering FIRE to shape Autumn’s METAL to create what you want.

Think of a sword that is ready to be forged by a red-hot flame. Or pieces of silver or gold that are ready to be hammered into whatever you desire.

Here are 5 Ways You can use FIRE to Shape Your METAL for an awesome Fall season:

  1. List your Goals – Sit down and write what you would like to accomplish for the remaining of 2016. I like to first do a brain dump – free writing for 10 minutes and putting everything and anything down on paper. When done, spend another 15 minutes whittling it down to your top 3 goals. Be sure that your goals are not just external ones – lose 10 pounds, declutter the hallway closet – but also internal, personal goals such as “feel calmer” where you may start implementing mediations or other modalities. My mantra – always Align Your Outer With Your Inner World to achieve complete balance.
  2. Use the next 5 weeks to prepare – The Fall Equinox falls on September 22, giving you about 5 weeks to prepare and set your intentions for the rest of the year. If your goal is to eat healthier, take this time to start researching recipes and getting your kitchen stocked with the proper kitchen tools.
  3. Slowly transition – Start scaling back your fiery summer activities and begin weaving in some of your deliberate actions for the Fall so when the temperature starts to dip, the change doesn’t feel so abrupt.
  4. Enlist Help – Metal is all about communication and Helpful People. Reach out to a friend or family member and share what you are up to, asking them to help keep you accountable. Who knows, you may inspire them to join your intentional transition. Also – don’t forget about the help we can’t see. There are helpful energies all around us – it can be Universal help or ancestral help. Tap into this free and powerful energy by activating your Benefactors/Helpful People section of your room. Place your list in a red envelope in this section and love it up with intention.
Align the bottom of this chart with the door of the room (facing into your room) to find your HELPFUL PEOPLE / BENEFACTORS area. Image: Feng Shui Creative

Align the bottom of this chart with the door of the room (facing into your room) to find your HELPFUL PEOPLE / BENEFACTORS area. Image: Feng Shui Creative

5. Have a Visual Reminder – If you’re more of a visual person, you can remind yourself of your inspired actions by literally adding something that is made of metal in your home. Place your metal jewelry in this section, buy a metal lamp to help energize and activate Helpful People. You can also use gray accent pieces since gray is representative of Metal in Feng Shui. For added oompf, place a beautiful plant or bamboo to signify growth and vitality.

Your turn!

What are your goals for the Fall? What actions will you take in the next 5 weeks to avoid your Summer Hangover?

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