Do you love where you plant your feet?

April 22, 2014

Love it or lose it. image: bwamm.blogspot

Today is Earth Day, a very important day. We tend to forget what this beautiful ecosystem provides to us, only momentarily remembering global ecology when it hails in May.

On this day, let’s focus our energy on giving back to Mother Earth. On the spiritual plane, if you have a meditation, yoga or other intentional practice, devote today’s practice to her. Visualize and set your intention that our collective energy is healing her as we know it’s profoundly needed.

On the physical plane, go above and beyond what you would normally do. Save resources – turn the faucet off when you are washing dishes or brushing your teeth or shut off lights and electronics when you leave a room. If you are a gardener, start planning out your garden. Try to use organic seeds as organic gardens not only produce healthier and more abundant crops than traditional seeds, they also decrease the effects of pesticides and other synthetic additives that can already be found in our soil.

As always in Feng Shui, set a very strong intention. Imagine while doing these activities that you are putting your arms around Mother Earth and giving her a big hug. If you ask me, I think not only does she really need it, but she truly deserves it.

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