Chinese New Year Eve

January 30, 2014

Prepping for the festivities in Chinatown, NYC.

The Sheep/Ram is the Horse’s best friend so you can’t go wrong with carrying one of these guys around with you!

Tomorrow is Chinese New Year! Which means that today we prepare. You don’t need to get too crazy since yes, I know, it’s a weekday. Here are 3 ways today to prepare to welcome in the Year of the Horse:

1) Make Space. Clear off your kitchen counter so you will have healthy food this year. Clear off your desk to bring in wonderful new work. Clean out your wallet to allow abundance to flow in.

2) Count your Blessings. Without gratitude, we gots nothing.

3) Prepare a favorite meal for yourself and family tonight. It doesn’t have to be fancy just something you really like and put some thought into. Even if it’s your favorite takeout and you use your best china. But if you have the time, try to prepare something with your hands like cut up fresh fruit.

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