The Imperial Mondrian

March 4, 2012
Mondrian Soho Hotel Entrance

A lovely entrance in the middle of the urban chaos. photos: s chan

Sunday tea at the Mondrian. Or their restaurent, Imperial No. Nine to be exact. Almost as nice as a drive to the country. Almost. The main differences are that it’s off the R train and is filled with fashionistas. The menu looked good (we only had beverages and a nibble) and most importantly the setting was pleasant. As you can see from the photos, one is drawn immediately to the entrance since it looks like you are in the middle of an English garden. When you walk into the lobby of the hotel and make a quick left, you are transported into a luminous greenhouse restaurant/cafe.

Mondrian Hotel Soho Skylight

Beautiful light dances off the vase display, even on a grey day

The overall setting was very inviting. Service was passable and the energy was relatively vibrant even after the brunch rush. Perhaps this energetic flow had to do something with all the greenery, natural lighting, crystal chandeliers and glass vases. The balance of elements was also good due to the metal chairs, the original wood details and earthen pots. Well done, Mondrian! My Feng Shui suggestions? Paint the number 9 in the front red so we and chi can find you better. Another thing – put bathrooms signs on the door. We need to find those easily too. Thanks.

Mondrian Hotel Soho Chandeliers

Is that a round crystal I see on that chandelier?

Mondrian Hotel Soho Decor

Sue me. I had to add an artistic shot.

Imperial No Nine, Mondrian Soho Hotel

Imperial No. Nine. Pretty nice. photo:

Mondrian Soho Bathroom Floor

Important detail for me: the bathroom.

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