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December 29, 2011
Health Is Wealth

A very wise store front sign. photo: s chan

I often pass this store in Chelsea and when I do, I always smile to myself. There is so much truth in that sign. I always want to post about it but always forget but now is the perfect time – New Years. As the 2011 starts to fade away, we are all thinking about our new year’s resolutions. Lose weight? Spend more time with the family? Save more money? It all sounds very familiar to me.

When working with my clients, the top two things people would like to happen as a result of a Feng Shui consultation are: 1) meet a significant other  2) create more financial wealth. Through a consultation, we can definitely help create a path to bring those things into their lives. But first, I always tell them that they need to take care of themselves first. If it sounds like common sense, it is. But you wouldn’t believe how many people “know” this simple concept yet fail to live by it. In Feng Shui, everything, and I mean everything, revolves around your health. It’s the center of the bagua, your life force. If you don’t nourish yourself correctly, you will not be healthy. If you are not healthy, you will not be able to work. If you don’t work, you can’t make a living. So we get back to that little ole sign that always makes me smile: Health IS Wealth.

Here are a few gentle tips to get your health on the right track for 2012:

  1. Fire up your burners! Use your stove top daily. Even if you are a take-out junkie, make the time to even heat water for cup of tea in the morning.  Rotate using all four burners. If one is not working, get it fixed. The stove top in Feng Shui symbolizes wealth.
  2. Sit still twice a day. Even I am a victim of my to-do lists. Keeping up with them is a full time job. But twice a day, I stop and empty my mind as much as I can. I take a few minutes or even just one, to take a deep breath and focus on my breath. If that doesn’t work, I’ll focus on soothing words like, “let” when I inhale and “go” when I exhale.” Try to do this at least 9 times.
  3. Take deep breaths. If you can’t even take the time to empty your mind as in the previous step, breathe mindfully throughout your day. Make sure that you are breathing through your nose and not your mouth. If you are breathing shallowly from your chest, try to inhale slowly and deeply from the bottom of your abdomen and exhale just as slowly. Ahhhh….
  4. Be grateful for what you have. Each night when I climb into bed, I review my day and express gratitude for what the day has given me. Even if it was just a double cappuccino.

These steps, as simple as they sound, can be pretty difficult to do regularly. But that’s what practice is all about, doing it consistently and long enough so that it becomes a reflex, not just something else to add to your to do list. Best wishes of health and love for 2012!

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