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January 3, 2011
This building may be LEED certified but it’s a Feng Shui eyesore!
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In today’s, the discussion is over a new regulation for commercial buildings to measure and divulge how much energy they are consuming:

This year, for the first time, owners of 25,000 commercial properties in New York must report their buildings’ energy use to the city. The data will be compiled into publicly posted report cards that officials hope will shame energy hogs into making the renovations needed to improve their scores, much the same way that issuing letter grades to restaurants is making owners shape up. Read complete article here.

I am definitely eco-conscious, especially since Feng Shui is about enhancing nature in our everyday environments while seeking to deplete resources as little as possible. So I am happy to hear today’s news. I took the opportunity to find a couple of buildings that are already LEED compliant in NYC. What I found was a building that I unfortunately am not a fan of – 41 Cooper Square in Manhattan’s East Village – at least not on the exterior. I do give them credit for what they have done but I can’t help to cringe each time I pass it by. It seems as though the building has been slashed with a knife while it is hanging precipitously over its feeble foundation. It does not evoke a sense of serenity for me. But upon further inspection of photos on the Green Review website, I fell in love with the interiors. Not only are the light and airy but luminous and inspiring.

Interiors that inspire creativity

I am fortunate to live in New York so I will go pay a visit before I make my final verdict. Apparently the chi of the students who attend is strong since Cooper Union produces many of the most talents architects, artists and engineers that New York has to offer. Way to go NYC!

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