Bedbugs go to the Theatre

October 14, 2010
Ballerinas are not the only ones dancing at Lincoln Center
photo: ap photo/matt moyer

It was on the news today that bedbugs were found in the dressing rooms of Lincoln Center. You’re probably wondering, “What do bedbugs have to do with Feng Shui?” I knew you’d ask. Feng Shui relates to many things but especially to mindfulness, your environment and your community. In my opinion, that easily applies to this morning’s news flash.

I am a resident of NYC where inhabitants groan but simultaneously relish the idea of living in such close proximity to one another. Living in such tight quarters makes the meaning of community even more so important and it’s inevitable that issues will arise.

Although not a bedbug expert, I offer you a few tips to get started on right away that will help the NYC environment overall, your local community and your own home:
  • Mindfulness – Buy a mattress and boxspring protector especially made to protect against bedbugs. Instead of worrying that you’ll be the next victim, you can separate from that anxiety and take action. You can purchase these protectors on or at your local Bed Bath & Beyond. Just make sure that they have a zipper protector. Also, think before you toss your bags or clothes on the floor, on your bed or on fabric chairs or couches. This helps transport bedbugs. Hang them up on a hook if you can. Not only will you prevent bedbugs from spreading, your home will be more organized!

  • Environment – Start decluttering. Decluttering is one branch of Feng Shui. Bedbugs love to hide not only in your mattress and boxspring but in other things such as books, bags and other dark places. So while you are decluttering, also know that you are letting go of things that will help your qi (life force) better flow! One thing that’s very important to point out is that bedbugs are not a matter of cleanliness. Anyone can get them. Just ask the residents of Park Avenue.

  • Community – Share your knowledge. Inform your friends and neighbors that bedbugs instances are on the rise if they don’t know already. Without panicking them, suggest that the tips you have read here. Not only will you be helping your neighbors but also strengthening the community of your building or neighborhood by reaching out.

If you’d like more information about bedbugs, I would suggest websites such as this one that I found. I believe the MOST important thing with this bedbugs situation is to remain calm while taking action. Indeed it’s a growing problem but with some precautions and communication, hopefully we can help bring awareness and slow it down.

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