Sabbath Manifesto

August 1, 2010

After posting this blog, this is what my plugs will look like
I came across a site this week that has me hopeful that I can unplug from the computer more often than not. It’s called Sabbath Manifesto and they explain: 
“The Sabbath Manifesto was developed in the same spirit as the Slow Movement, slow food, slow living, by a small group of artists, writers, filmmakers and media professionals who, while not particularly religious, felt a collective need to fight back against our increasingly fast-paced way of living. The idea is to take time off, deadlines and paperwork be damned….the ten principles are to be observed one day per week, from sunset to sunset.”
My iphone will be sad but I’m sure it needs a rest too
I love it and can’t wait to get started. In case you want to turn your gadgets off sooner than later, I have outlined their 10 fundamental guidelines below to help us frazzled folk heal our overloaded circuits.
1) Avoid technology
2) Connect with loved ones
3) Nurture your health
4) Get outside
5) Avoid commerce
6) Light candles
7) Drink wine
8) Eat bread
9) Find silence
10) Give back 
As you see, they are mostly Feng Shui principles that help cultivate our Chi. Being a francophile, I really love numbers 7 and 8. See you again once I’m rested and frenchified!

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