Childhood memories

June 14, 2010
A familiar yet sometimes embarrassing sight for me growing up.  
I had a conversation with a colleague last week that I keeps me chuckling so I guess it’s worth mentioning. I was telling him that I remember when I was growing up that my mom used to keep dried orange peels all over the house. Normal for a traditional Chinese family right? Since I grew up in the States, the “different” things my parents did caused me some embarrassment. I know, not a big deal now these days when foodies are experimenting with things like grasshopper tacos and would think nothing of throwing those dried peels in some quadruple latte concoction.
As a teen though, you can imagine my horrific reaction on the morning of Chinese New Year when I was about to wash my hair and my mom informed me, “No wash your hair today. Bad luck! Wash away good things” …..”but, but Mom! I have to wash my hair!” Chinese or not Chinese, you know the scenario. Just insert whatever you want in the “wash my hair” bit.

So fast forward a couple of decades. Here I am a Feng Shui Consultant and now my best friends are you guessed it, dried orange peels and Chi adjustments. Adjustments that help cultivate one’s Chi or life force/energy – exactly the thing my mom didn’t want me to wash out of my hair that dreaded teen morning. I’m still chuckling.

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