March 17, 2010

Sometimes what my computer feels like on my back!
This was taken near the Meatpacking District
As we’re about to head off for vacation, I need to make an important decision. You would think that with the amount of thought I’m putting into it that it’s a life threatening decision. Well, it’s not. At least not yet. The question of the day is…..To unplug or stay plugged in? Do I go cold turkey or share my experiences and inspiration with you while I am “en vacances?” This has been a grueling battle for me for years. I work on the computer sometimes all day often forgetting that my eyeballs have been immobile for hours (except for crawling inches across a computer screen) creating this zombie-like walk when I finally do move my limbs.

Although I love me my computer, it’s also one of my sources of overwhelming anxiety. I feel compelled to respond back to the 50 emails I got this morning or I start reading a news article and 2 hours later, I find myself motionless, 22 websites later and reading about how to poach an egg properly. When I snap out of the digital trance, I realize that not only my 50 emails have gone unanswered but there are another 75 that were just added to it. This is truly a problem of mine but it also seems to be a general problem of the 21st century. Help! What is one to do?

We are draining our Chi as a culture. Let’s build it back up people! According to this article, we’re slowly straining our eyes. But they’re nice enough to give us some tips on how to prevent this from happening. I also found this funny link (ok stop searching…) that was funny and also helpful.

So off to vacation I go. After stepping off my soapbox, you’re probably convinced that I’m going to unplug. Alright, I am a professed junkie. My laptop is coming with me. But I may not plug it in. May not. What I do promise is that I’ll have a good time regardless and if I don’t check in, I’ll make sure to catch up when I get back. I’m off to replenish my Chi. My eyeballs say see y’all soon!

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